Terms of Service

Last Updated: March 27th, 2024

Agreement to our Legal Terms:

  • When we refer to: "us", "our", "we". We are referring to APB the service. The Terms and Conditions refers to our services and rules you must abide by to use our service legally. “notice” Refers to this Terms and Conditions. “company” Refers to APB.

  • Conditions to use Services “APB” Provides

  • APB will provide services to you which are subject to the terms and conditions stated below on this page, Every time you visit this site, use one of our products or our services or purchase one of our products and or services, you accept the following conditions.
  • Warranty / Disclaimer

  • All Services / Products on “apb-ai.com” come as is and do not have a warranty. APB Does not provide any Warranty protection for any of our products. Also we do not guarantee accuracy with our products, they may have bugs present.
  • Privacy Policy

  • The privacy policy for APB: https://apb-ai.com/privacy
  • Applicable Law

  • By visiting this website, you agree that the laws of the United Kingdom, without regard to principles of conflict laws, will govern these terms of service, or any dispute that may occur between APB and the customer
  • User Accounts

  • If you have registered an account with us, it is your sole responsibility to keep your details safe and confidential of your private details, You are responsible for any actions taken under your account and your account may be subject to termination or suspension at any point by APB without prior warning.
  • Limitations to claims

  • APB or its affiliated servers will not be held accountable for any issues, damages with the inability to use or function the service. We will only be liable up to the amount spent on the platform by the user with a maximum cap of £100 ( 2 Years of Product ).
  • Third Party Links

  • APB Has not vetted all the sites linked with APB and are not responsible for them and or any content on them sites, We do not endorse any external sites linked on APB’s website. The use of any third party service is used at the risk of the user. APB will issue a warning prior to redirecting you to a external link.
  • Acceptable usage of APB services:

  • APB Reserves the right to suspend or terminate a users access to our service at any point in time and for any reason. The following shows a violation of the acceptable usage terms and can result in termination or suspension of our service:
    • Using the service to solicit illegal activities or in support or cohesion
    • Using the service to solicit inappropriate content on the platform
    • Using the service to make fraudulent purchases, offers or anything involving a financial scam
    • Using the service to attempt to collect personal information about a user on the platform
    • Impersonation “APB”
    • The act or attempt to Disrupt our service or cause technological issues. This includes any form of DOS Attacks ( DOS / DDOS ), It is not limited to this type of attack.

    Site Terms and Conditions Changes / Updates

  • APB May revise / Update the terms of service at any time without prior warning to consumers. By using the website you agree to all of the terms and conditions and agree to be bound to the latest edition of these terms.
  • Contact us

  • For any enquires or concerns contact us at: